No, I’m not talking about Demons, Nightmares, or Dragons: the biggest challenge that Warriors everywhere are facing in Legion is the fantasy that they have been living under for the past 11+ years. Or to be more precise, the lack of class fantasy and the sudden force feeding of what has been suddenly invisioned for us.

What I’m referring to is the fact that for the longest time, the warrior was the everyday man who picked up a weapon, any weapon, and defended his home. We ranged from the raging berserker to the conscripted soldier, and everywhere in between. We didn’t channel magics, or commune with the wilds – we hit stuff and we got hit – end of discussion. And over the years, we made our own stories and class fantasies, and the fantasy we built for ourselves grew with the specs as they changed over the years.

Take my warrior, Bulliwyf as an example: he’s not a soldier, but just a Tauren that picked up the biggest sticks he could find to protect his home and his allies. He’s considered a berserker by others, but he also makes sure that his party members are protected at all times, even when he’s not tanking. And when he does tank, he’s the stalwart veteran, the first to leap into combat and the last to retreat. To be fully clear here, I do NOT RP, but I do have a base idea about who my warrior is when I play the different specs. When I’m fury, yes I’m a raging madman, but I don’t give into the bloodlust so much that I ignore what’s going on around me: I can’t begin to recall the amount of times that I have noticed an add running wild, attacking the healer, and I peel it off, knowing that I will die, but the group will succeed. And when I’m Prot, I jump in without looking, and if we are retreating, I make sure I’m the last through the door and that my group is covered.

This fantasy I have built for my main warrior is one I cultivated on my own – we (warriors) don’t really have very many “role models” for us to base ourselves off of (which is a topic I will address when I tackle Class Halls) nor did we have very much direction from Blizzard outside of our 5 or less spec descriptors.

With Legion starting to peak over the horizon, our Developer overlords have decided to finally step in and tell us what we should be, and to be honest, it’s a mixed bag. A lot of it is the same thing we have been working with ourselves over the years (Prot is the Last Defender, Fury is the wild man, Arms the precise striker) but at the same time it’s not. No more SMF (well, at least at lvl 100-110), no more Gladiator Stance, and Arms playstyle will all depend on the talents you take.

But it’s not just the spec’s spells and how they play that is the issue, it’s also the artifacts and the class hall that is at odds with the fantasy we have cultivated for ourselves. And as much as I would like to discuss it now, I will tackle Class Halls and each Artifact in its own post so that each topic gets the proper attention it deserves. 

What worries me he most though about all this is that no matter what we say, no matter how many of us cry out against what’s being served to us… That it will fall on deaf ears or be used as feedback for the next expansion. And I have to seriously wonder how many of us will still be around when the Legion has been pushed back and the dust settles.